Not 4 the faint of heart!

Let me guess who would you rather see live?

Will you tell those that have an affliction that their lives equal those of a laboratory animal?

Will you tell those that are paraplegic that animal research has to stop because you are against animal use?

Will you tell the millions of people that are waiting for cures, treatments or life saving drugs that their condition is secondary to the fate of the animals that will be used in research?

Or will you listen to Professor Robin Lovell Badge whom says in this excellent article that when it comes to animal research nine out of ten statistics used by those opposing animal use are taken out of context?

When there is animal research towards finding cures or treatments, making sure that the intended drugs or treatments are safe for use in humans is a necessary step that requires animal testing. It would not be wise to go straight into human testing therefore assurances (toxicity levels etc) need to be obtained, measured and analyzed through animal research. This precautionary principle benefits mankind everywhere where it is applied and enshrined into laws. This has nothing to do with sentiency nor cruelty but everything to do with common sense and a high sense of civic duty and care.

Perhaps you may want to listen to Amanda Wainright, a young girl whom has signed the petition in support of medical progress through science and animals research. Here is what she has to say:

This is important to me because I, myself, am a paraplegic! I've been chair bound since 11.11.07, we need a cure! This is something I not only hope for myself, but for every person, (young , old, big, or small) that suffers through life with a impairment of any sort, that to date has no cure! WE ALL NEED A CURE, please sign this petition and support finding that cure that we all are so desperately waiting for! Thank you all in advance! It means the world to us! God bless you all for giving your time to read this! :)
And if you want to study and become a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine, read this guest post by Kelly Walton whom has some very constructive comments about animal research and how it benefits humans and animals.

Likewise I would kindly suggest you ask yourself what will happen with this valuable research as chimps are on the verge of disappearing as an animal model ? Animal cruelty or political correctness? Those millions of people that are waiting for cures will again be the silent victims of these great Victories...



A many years ago when I joined an all freigther operation I learned to apply preventive measures to ensure customers experience prime time customer satisfaction when using our services. This was part and parcel of a due dilligence process. This mindset has never left me and other employers have enjoyed the benefits thereof. You can read about this mindset in this excellent article that describes the crucial role of  animal research and its contributions to saving lives here.

Nowadays it seems one first has to experience something really bad before anything happens. Despite AETA, Animal extremists know this very well and their actions are slick orchestrated public relations campaigns to turn you into active figthers that combat for what is labeled ethically right. A prime example is the case of Camille Marino who's infamous TRIAL TO JAIL is well documented in this article

Let's be clear the objective is not to engage debate but to stop animal use, regardless of medical progress and life saving medical procedures or drugs and the fate of millions of people that suffer or are waiting for cures. Did you know that there are over 34 million people worldwide infected with HIV? You can read about it here. One thing is sure ERADICATION of this disease will not be achieved if we leave it up to animal extremists (BUAV, PETA, HSUS, HSIC etc) for they oppose animal use and leave at a minimum 34 million people behind because they do not fit with what they consider right.

Others join the fray and portray those involved with animal research as Targets and prompt readers for action. As you can see here. No matter what you do they will always take things a step further and depict your legal activities as torture or immoral and inundate you with pre-written emails. However when they impose longer transit times onto animals to be transported because an airline decides to no longer carry research animals then that is called a victory... a victory with a bad smell that is.
And they call themselves Charities ....I say take away their tax exempt status. 


Canadian Transport Agency supports ban on primates!

Shortly before the New Year, the Canadian Transport Agency issued its decision to support Air Canada’s ban on transportation of primates destined for research.  The agency recognized the ‘potential’ impact on Air Canada’s brand by the 47000 people that via email opposed such transportation. Some of the letters received by Air Canada threatened to cease using their services if this (transport) were to continue whilst others indicated it as a reason for not using Air Canada. As a carrier Air Canada transports thirty two (32) million passengers per year and it identifies itself primarily as a passenger carrier transporting cargo in its bellies.

Air Canada submits that non human primate transportation represents 0.01% of its total weight worldwide in 2010 whereas the numbers for 2011 represent 0.001% in 2011. It is therefore considered minimal in terms of commercial value and in comparison with total weight transported (a means of showing the minimal amount of shippers affected).  


Given these minimal numbers it is hard to understand why the agency let’s Canadian transportation policy be defined by such a minority of voices and of shipments.  Nevertheless as it has the task to decide upon the matter submitted, the agency considers the potential commercial impact on Air Canada to be serious enough to support a ban on shippers of laboratory destined primates because in effect that is what the Air Canada decision entails. Other means of transportation being available the agency has no problem supporting a solution whereby the animals for example are trucked into the country as is pointed out by the BUAV and HSIC.  

Coming from an aviation background the agency and its members should have noted that the most humane way of transporting animals is by air not by ground. Ironically BUAV and HSIC are now supporting longer and less humane means of transportation as opposed to supporting the animal’s best welfare interests! Click here to read their campaign against air canada and those that collaborated to this decision

The same animal being shipped from and to a zoo for example would benefit from Air Canada services whereas one identical animal destined to a laboratory would not. If this is not discriminatory to shippers and animals then I don’t know what is. The agency however does not consider the decision to be discriminatory. I call this denial of service.

The Transport Canada decision is, seeded with statements made by the BUAV a foreign based entity, almost reading as if the agency is required to provide its comments with equal weight or standing. A Canadian transport policy (the accessibility to available air services for shippers) is now heavily influenced if not shaped by foreign input whereas native comments or input is simply ignored.

The medical progress brought through primate research are numerous and clearly documented. The agency however fails to take this aspect into consideration and has made a decision around matters submitted to it by a number of interested parties –amongst whom the writer of this article, without looking beyond the issues or facts at hand. Medical progress benefits all Canadians and animals and the agency should have defended these interests as well as part of the due diligence expected from an official agency.   For Air Canada the decision is also short sighted for Pharmaceutical and related companies do transport their cold chain goods under their wings and their traveling employees in their business class seats.

A sad day for Canadians, animals and medical progress – please do not follow this unprecedented Canadian example.  As a service transportation must be available to all, always. As I have said before I did not vote for this! Did you?